Biographical account of justice william o douglas

By spending time with the other clerks and relaying to the Justice what I learned about their doings and thinking, I was able to establish a rapport with him that he seemed to think was worthwhile. Clearly, none of his clerks ever had a tougher boss, no matter what they did in later life, and that was certainly true of me.

He accepted most of what I wrote and sent it to the printer.

William O. Douglas

DHC applicants are normally expected to have met the competence requirements for Foreign Language prior to acceptance. A ship has a legal personality, a fiction found useful for maritime purposes.

The clerkship was a tough experience but a lifechanging one.

Supreme Court Historical Society

Of course he had been there when it was decided many years ago so he had a bit of an advantage. When I got the word from Nan that the Justice would be coming in the next day, I got little sleep that night.

The Reith Lectures New York: However, Justice Douglas, who frequently hiked on the Canal towpath, opposed this plan, and challenged reporters to hike the mile length of the Canal with him. Monty would laugh at his clever jokes, and a big "cat-that-ate-the-canary" boyish grin would spread across his rugged face.

Bernie said the answer for him was yes, and it meant a bad weekend. Bill Reppy and I would then usually go ahead and allocate the WOD opinion work between us, although at times WOD simply assigned a particular opinion or research issue individually to one of us.

Douglas Honors College Lecture I 1,1,1. In any event, the most interesting part of the showing was not the movie itself, but the running commentary, much of it hilarious, that Justice Thurgood Marshall had to offer throughout the film.

They may have had a walk or two along the Potomac or the Canal, but it was certainly not a regular occurrence. I saw cruelty and hardness, and my impulse was to be a force in other developments in the law.

However, he rose to a position of leadership, serving as the Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Newark from to That December, my parents came down to Washington from New York, and we gathered, with my wife, in his office.

His revisions were not only fascinating but contained valuable lessons in good writing. Second, in the s when the tradition developed of law clerks for several Justices participating in a "certiorari pool," spreading the responsibility for writing cert memos on the growing number of cert petitions among several offices, the Douglas clerks did not participate in the pool.

Michael Lewis New York: Constitution to protect rights of "human dignity.

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By the time I clerked for him he had been on the Court for twenty-seven years. Austin, I can see that you did a great deal of work on this. Nyeand Clyde M. We do not consecrate the flag by punishing its desecration, for in doing so we dilute the freedom that this cherished emblem represents.

Said, Representations of the Intellectual: She was very skeptical of the stories I told about his aloofness. I reported to the Justice that he was duly admonished.

How far the human intellect can go if tested; the breadth and depth of subjects that can be fathomed. University of Pittsburgh Press for the William O. Whereas Black voted with the majority under strict construction to uphold the state constitutional provision, Douglas and Abe Fortas dissented.

Presidential advisers thought the appointment of a Roman Catholic Democrat from the Northeast would woo critical voters in the upcoming re-election campaign for Eisenhower, a Republican.“The Footpaths of Justice William O.

Douglas: A Legacy of Place” by Tom R. Hulst Our longest serving Supreme Court justice was an ardent civil libertarian and a politically active conservationist/5(3). Apr 06,  · William O.

Douglas spent his life on the edge, as an outspoken maverick on the Supreme Court (more than one-third of his 1, judicial decisions.

William J. Brennan Jr.

The college is named for Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, a native of the central Washington city of Yakima.

In a interview, Justice Douglas was asked to. Sincethe William O. Douglas Committee, a select group of law students at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington has sponsored a series of lectures on the First Amendment in Douglas's honor.

Douglas was the first speaker for the annual polkadottrail.comded by: John Paul Stevens. This biographical treatment of one of America's most remarkable figures presents Douglas as a man who constantly fought for freedom and the common man against the encroachments of the twentieth century.

William Joseph Brennan Jr. (April 25, – July 24, ) was an American judge who served as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court from to As the seventh longest-serving justice in Supreme Court history, he was known for being a leader of the Court's liberal wing. Born in Newark, New Jersey, Brennan graduated from Harvard Law School in

Biographical account of justice william o douglas
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