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Therefore, free charge post-secondary education opens the way for the elimination of social barriers. More essays like this: In contrast, post-secondary education is not a waste of time and money because going to university or college would mean acquiring more knowledge in specific subjects, achieving the goal of completing a degree, and increase the likelihood of attaining skills to apply in everyday life to earn a living.

However, many students are deprived of the possibility of obtaining post-secondary education because of high costs of post-secondary education. In such a way, education becomes not a privilege but social good.

To put it more precisely, education contributes to the wider introduction of innovations, the development of new technologies, the progress of science and, therefore, the overall technological and socioeconomic progress. In such a context, the elimination of barriers in the education is crucial to maintain democracy and equal access to education but to meet this goal the government of Canada should consider about making post-secondary education free charge of tuition.

At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that free education is actually beneficial. Canadians will have ample opportunities to obtain education which they like on the equal ground.

Furthermore, the development of free charge post-secondary education can help to improve the professional level of students because they will be able to focus entirely on their education. The prospect of free post secondary education would mean that students would be able to concentrate and focus more upon their educations.

Of course the government would be required to make a large contribution. The rise of the intellectual potential of the nation improves consistently the economic potential of the country and can accelerate the economic growth.

Will all this funding turn out to be too big of a financial burden? In such a situation, free charge post-secondary education will provide equal opportunity for both poor and rich.

Furthermore, Canadians have more choices for future career without any concerns. In such a way, free charge post-secondary education can improve economic opportunities of students.

By empowering our youth with greater knowledge, they gain the power to create an increasingly intellectual society. Hence Canadian economy would earn a comparative advantage in the global economy. It is a proven fact that the majority if not the entirety of homeless and poor people are uneducated.

When the government considers the advantages of such a proposition, they will realize that it is an excellent investment. Not just to the rich, but also poor individuals should have a chance to attend school where they are desired to go in order to enhance their future.

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To put it more precisely, free education open access to all students in Canada. In such a way, free charge post-secondary education opens larger opportunities for socioeconomic development of the country.

Students can focus on their education and professional development without focusing on their financial resources. At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the development of the equal access to education is a strategic goal for Canada. In such a situation, Canadians will have an opportunity to have access to education and, therefore, they will be able to realize their opportunities, talents and inclinations.

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A free post-secondary education system is good and beneficial to all. In fact, education helps students to choose their professional career according to their internal inclinations, gifts and personal goals. Hence, students have less time to learn and they have to work more.

For the disadvantaged, obtaining full scholarships is an extremely difficult possibility. At this point, education can become the powerful tool, which can provide Canadians with equal opportunities in broad socioeconomic terms because education opens better job opportunities.

This achievement is usually represented by a higher salary than those jobs not requiring a college-degree.In conclusion, many arguments could be made against the “Free” post-secondary education policy if passed by Canada, but all of those arguments would be overshadowed by.

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The Benefits Of Free Post Secondary Education

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Post-secondary education is very important today as only half of Americans have a decent level of education.

Free Post-Secondary Education

Be sure to use this essay sample day and night. Along with the providing free post-secondary education will increase the Canadian government’s financial burden, some argue that the Canadian government does not the responsibility to support the student with providing free post-secondary education; however, tuition of post- secondary education is such a huge difficulty of finance for students.

- The history of higher post-secondary learning is a long, interesting, and fruitful one. Universities date back close to a thousand years and has been seen grow, expand, and now become a center for the future of every nation.

The fast increasing pace that technology has education and technology has been closely linked and now have their future. Free Essay: The Path from Secondary to Post Secondary Education Transition How does a high school student know that he or she is ready to enter college?


Essay for post-secondary education
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